11.11 shopping


I got quite a few things yesterday! ~ (one is a secret wig eheh)
11.11 was really great tbh, i managed to save lots of money!
1. a lil christmas gift for my best friend!
2. yuri plisetsky wig (yuri on ice) –  5€
3. ram wig (re zero) – 5,30€
4. fake eyelashes – 0,80€
5. underbust corset – 6€
6. maki nishinino wig (love live) – 10€
7. cat ears – 0,90€
8. (SURPRISE!!!) victor nikiforov wig (yuri on ice) – 4,50€

I’ve wanted to cosplay maki ever since i first watched love live… I’m so excited to finally get the chance! I’m gonna cosplay her little devil version with my beautiful nico next may.
I’m also excited for yuri on ice cosplays! I got some basic wigs, so I’ll need to work a lot to style them, but I’m very unsure about crossplay so I didn’t want to spend more money x.x (it’s hard being a serious russian boy when you’re an idol at heart! )
I was initially planning on cosplaying only yurio, but victor stole my heart and I NEED to try taking some instant photos ~


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