mami cosplay bodyline review

Hello everyone! ~

I’ve had this costume for a while, but some people have been asking about it so.. here’s about my mami cosplay!
I got it from bodyline ~


♡ shipping and packaging ♡

shipping was china registered air mail, it took ~a month to get here in italy- just the usual! it was packaged just fine, nothing was damaged during shipping.

5/5 for shipping and packaging!


♡ customer service ♡

i had no problems so i didn’t have to contact customer service

-/5 for customer service!

♡ prices♡

i got this whole costume for literally 15€. just awesome to be honest!

5/5 for prices!


♡ quality ♡

the fabric is really great, but the corset zip broke right after the first time i wore it (i can still zip it up, just a little part is gone missing). I’d also preferred it if the skirt was brown-ier instead of yellow, but… whatever. the corset is really great!

The costume includes the jacket, the corset, the skirt and the headpiece. You’ll have to sew the gloves yourself (they’re very easy to sew, I promise!)

3/5 for quality!


 I think overall it’s quite a good deal if you’re trying to not spend much money! ~



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