spreenow review

Hello everyone! ~

Recently I placed my first order on TaoBao, so here’s a review of the shopping service I used: SpreeNow! I absolutely loved ordering from them, so here’s a little bit of info 😀

First of all, ordering from TaoBao is  A LOT cheaper than elsewhere! The downside is, they don’t ship outside China, so you’ll have to use a shopping service. They’ll order everything for you, and then once everything is in their warehouse they’ll ship it out to you. I was a bit scared at first, but it is actually very easy.

A little tip: of course the taobao website is in chinese, so you’ll have to search everything using chinese ideograms. To get the right ideograms for anime names i used this little trick: i searched the anime japanese name on google + “zh wikipedia”, so to get the chinese wikipedia page.

Example: if i want to get re:zero chinese name, i’ll google “Re:ゼロから始める異世界生活 zh wiki” . The first result will be “Re:從零開始的異世界生活”. type that in taobao search box, and you’ll get all re zero related products. (if you’re looking for cosplays, just add “cos” in the search box).

♡ shipping and packaging ♡

shipping was incredibly fast, once everything i ordered was in stock i received my package in ~ 6 days! the packaging was really well done, i was worried because i ordered some fragile items but everything was well wrapped.

5/5 for shipping and packaging!


♡ customer Service ♡

shopping with them is extremely easy, and whenever i had a problem an agent was ready to help me out. they even asked me if i was sure about an item, since it’d take a longer time than usual to be delivered. It really shows how much they care about every single customer. Everyone i spoke with was very kind.

5/5 for customer service!


♡ prices♡

The commission SpreeNow asks for isn’t very high- 10% of the order value (keep in mind that you’ll also have to pay a 3% tax for paypal payment). It isn’t much so I don’t mind paying it at all.

The international shipping from China however isn’t cheap, so keep that in mind if you don’t intend to order a lot of items! All the shipping prices are available on their website, here .

5/5 for prices!


now onto the items themselves…

I ordered some cosplay stuff with a friend of mine.

this is what the package looked like


and here’s me wearing the items I ordered:



Rem costume + wig + headband | ph. Maria Laura Del Vecchio, Romics


card captor sakura wand | ph. Antonietta Tarantino (from Whovians Campania Fan Club), Fantasy day

I absolutely ADORE the quality of these items, the fabric of the costume is of the highest quality and if fits perfectly! The wig wasn’t really thick, but i managed to make it work, and the colour is really accurate. The wand itself doesn’t have any seam lines, and the staff is composed of two parts so it’s really easy to transport.

Overall I’m really happy with my order and I’ll surely order again from taobao with SpreeNow!  ♡


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