PinkyParadise review

Hello everyone! ~

I got the chance to try 2 different lenses random designs from Pinky Paradise.

check out my video review ~

♡ shipping and packaging ♡

The package was shipped on 27/10/2016 with a tracking number, and I received it on 22/11/2016, just the usual shipping time from Asia to Italy

It was packaged really well so the lenses were safe during the journey! 😀

This is what the package looked like:


and everything that was inside:

5/5 for shipping and packaging!


♡ customer service ♡

I talked with Charlotte and she was very kind and gentle! A very pleasant conversation. She also spoke very good English!

5/5 for customer service!


♡ prices♡

i got the lenses for free, but from what i can see on the website they don’t seem half bad. They also offer freebies and free shipping over a certain amount of purchase!
5/5 for prices!


I looked for  for the lenses that i got on the website and I think I’ve found them ~

Barbie G&G Diamond Pink

♡ colour and design ♡

The lens is supposed to be pink, but it doesn’t show at all on my green eyes. It just looks brown/brownish-pink. I don’t particularly like the design either
3/5 for colour and design!


♡ enlargement ♡

It enlarges my eye, but it’s not a breathtaking effect.

4/5 for enlargement!


♡ comfort♡

I felt a little bit a discomfort when I first put it in, but my eye adjusted to it quickly and they were rather comfortable.
4/5 for comfort!


G&G BT02 Grey

♡ colour and design ♡

I like this lens design a lot! The colour also show up a lot more on my eye.

4/5 for colour and design!


♡ enlargement ♡

Even though the lens diameter is actually smaller than the other one, thanks to the design this one looks way bigger.

5/5 for enlargement!


♡ comfort♡

Same as before- comfortable, but hard to take off!
4/5 for comfort!



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