rolecosplay you watanabe seifuku review

Yay! ~ another love live character!
I bought the wig to cosplay you last summer, but i still hadn’t had the chance to use it.
I don’t usually choose seifuku outfits for cosplays because I worry about my big hips ahah but You looks so cute in this ~ so I bended my rules ahah
I was very lucky and got it sponsored from rolecosplay!
♡ shipping and packaging ♡
The shipping was incredibly fast, the package was here in Italy in less than a week!
Everything was well packaged, no issues here.
2017-03-01-16-12-33♡ fabric & sewing ♡
the fabric is really strong and thick, you can tell immediately that it’s good quality.
Pleated skirts bought from chinese stores often have little fabric in them and get all weird when a person with bigger hips wears them, but that was not the case! I’m so amazed, it’s the first time a pleated skirt fits me nicely. Wow. Ahah.
The only issue I have with the skirt is that it is a little bit too short.
The top is sewn alright too, my only complaint is that the sleeves ends are really tight! It gets a little bit uncomfortable after a while
2017-03-01-16-14-40♡ price ♡
you can get this cosplay here for only about ~20€, it comes in sizes s-xxxl and it’s really worth it in my opinion!





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