13 cm platform shoes

ayyy i got a lot of packages this week! I’m so happy! ~

I’ve been looking for very high platform shoes for so long I screamed when i finally found these on aliexpress ahah

You can get them here for ~ 25€ !

♡ design ♡
Although my mum hates them 😛 I really like how they look! The platform isn’t just a black block but is very pretty, but still doesn’t attract much attention. I plan to use them for my crossplays so they’re just perfect ~
I was worried they wouldn’t really be 13cm lmao but they really are!!! I feel so tall in them ;^; i’m only 155cm… it’s a whole new world up there


♡ comfort ♡
I only walked around the house in them to test them, and I gotta say they’re pretty comfortable. Sure, you gotta pay a little attention when you wear them, but I didn’t experience any kind of pain. I’m just extra careful because my ankles are very weak, if you’re used to walking in high shoes you will probably even forget they’re so high.


♡ shipping ♡

it took almost a lot for them to show up on the tracking, but once they did, the shipping was very fast.
I ordered them on 6th february, the tracking started working on 28th february and I got them today, 9th march.




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